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Does anything feel worse than quitting? It’s a gut punch to your pride, and it always hurts. But, I do believe there are things that feel worse. Like setting up a tent in a giant puddle. Or pushing up a mountain for 10 hours in the rain while looking at nothing but clouds, even though you know you should be seeing one of the most scenic views in the world. At least I imagine those things hurt worse…I’ll never know, because I choose the gut punch instead. Sure, it hurt for a bit, but thank God I’ve learned not to let my stubborn pride bully me into unnecessary pain for the sake of saving face.


I’m glad my friends have learned it too. They are a couple smart, strong ladies; and they don’t need to finish The Wonderland Trail to prove it. Though, we are all hoping to conquer those last 30 miles at a time when the weather is a little more cooperative. Until then, I will cherish the 7 days I got to spend trying to go all the way around the most wonderful Mount Rainier.


If The Wonderland Trail is something you also want to conquer, this custom itinerary planner is super helpful. Link to Planner Or you can steal our failed agenda below. Leigh did a lot of work coming up with a perfect plan for getting the most out of those 93 miles, and it’s hard for me to imagine a better way to do it. Well, except for actually finishing. 😉

On a final note, I have to warn you that if you have a fear of log bridges like I do, this trial will force you to get over it. Too many bridges, of all kinds, for me even to count. Therefore, I am dedicating this poem I wrote to The Wonderland. There can’t possibly be a trail that deserves it more. Happy trails!

My Hiking fear

Is pretty clear

For those darn log bridges

Do bring a tear

I imagine a fall

Cause they’re all pretty tall

And breaking both my ankles

Would sure make me bawl

Just a handrail, please 

It brings such ease

And lightens those fears

That do love to tease

But if there isn’t one

A ford I won’t shun

But if the river I can’t traverse

I’ll creep across that log till I’m done

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