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West Fork Oak Creek is perfection

Bliss is a word that came up when I searched for an antonym for suffering. Suffering is what a write about most often when I tell my hiking stories, because suffering is what adds interest. 

But there is “suffering” (too many mosquito bites and such) and there is SUFFERING (losing a child, cancer, etc.) and I really struggle with writing about the serious kind. I have a draft on my spiritual blog about suffering that has sat there unfinished since 2017. Though this post will have neither the lower or higher case variety, because this hike lacked suffering of any kind. So I’m afraid it will be a pretty boring post.

I was headed to Arizona to visit my dad who recently moved there because of his Parkinson’s. (Capital letter suffering that I am already feeling uncomfortable mentioning.) While making the plans (this was early June…suffering would be a major part of this story if I did this hike in July) I remembered my Oregon hiking buddy, Janet, had mentioned going there to adventure with our other Arizona native hiking friend, Dani.

Can you see the face?

And from there, somehow everything came together seamlessly. I spent time with my family – and I also was able to spend three days with two of the best ladies I know on the #1 rated trail in Sedona. What an amazing time; I can’t think of one thing that went wrong or that I didn’t enjoy fully.


I could probably write about how great it was, but the pics tell you all you need to know. Well, except where we camped, which I’m afraid is top secret. So that pretty much leaves me with this short little boring post. Though you know I’ll take bliss over suffering any day, good story be damned! Happy (suffer free) trails!

Sorry, you’ll never know!
I love hiking, but family is everything! I will be back, Arizona!

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