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Santa Hike Economy Boost

I saw an article in my news feed the other day about how hiking helps boost the economy. I didn’t have to read it to know how true it is. After sticking a $50 in my day pack thinking it should be enough, I still owe my friend Heidi another $30 that I had to borrow because I boosted a little more than I expected! 😉

My last post was about making new goals, one of them to do 500 miles on the Pacific Northwest Trail. Why? Well, why not. The great thing about this new goal is it motivates me to do trails I wouldn’t normally be inspired to do. This day’s Larry Scott Trail is a good example. 

Gettin er done

Admittedly, I can be a bit of a view snob. Living in Washington does that to you. There is just SO MUCH to see – why waste time on anything that doesn’t wow you when there is so much other stuff that will. If the Larry Scott Trail wasn’t marking off miles on the PNT for me, I most likely would have overlooked it.

But this day’s outing to Port Townsend wowed us in so many ways. First off, the view from the ferry ride (our first boost to the economy) is “wow” enough. Secondly, wearing Santa outfits (Heidi’s idea…I just love her) and singing carols (Julie brought the music…love her too!) and making folks laugh (Crystal’s specialty and why we all love her) is a special kind of “wow” for everyone around.  😉

Even a peek at the Olympics is always a wow

Walking past the marina is also a pretty cool “wow,” and seeing a tree filled with shoes was a confusing “wow.” Googling it later (because it seems we always come up with “things that make you go hummm” questions while hiking) it turns out “shoe trees” are a thing all around the world, though nobody quite knows why.

Beauty does not always come from nature
Can you see the shoes? About a dozen…I’m sure more will follow
Sometimes a field is just as much of a wow as a mountain

I must say the smell after passing the paper mill was a “WOW” we could have done without, but all in all the nine miles were very pleasant and easy – and even though it started to rain, it was still fun just being together.

The boxed wine I bought from the gas station at the end of the trail was another economy boost (we needed something to do while we waited for our taxi) and the $20 we gave our driver once we were dropped off back in town was yet another. 

The biggest boost – and maybe the biggest “wow” – was our late lunch at the “The Old Whiskey Mill.” YUMMM!!!!…and the warm drinks made sitting outside a little more cozy. 

Perfect timing got us back on the ferry without much of a wait to bring an end to a pretty perfect day. May your days be just as merry and bright, and your happy trails be filled with all kinds of wows. (And don’t forget lots of dollars to spread around too! :))

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