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I keep saying “this is going on my top 10!” after some of the amazing hikes I’ve gotten the opportunity to do this year. And it got me thinking…what would be my actual top ten list? So for fun, I really tried to come up one, even though it’s pretty much impossible. Keep in mind, I’m influenced by the experience almost as much as the views. (And I decided they needed to be backpacks and not just hikes in order to count, so I did change it a little.)

1. Rifugio Bergamo to Rifugio Bolzano (The Dolomites – Italian Alps)

2. Walupt Stream to Knife’s Edge on Section H of PCT


4. Section L of PCT from Rock Pass to Hopkins Lake (made the cut right after I made this list!)

5.Maple Pass Loop (Yes, I did it as a backpack! It’s so popular now, I’d never go back – so I’m glad I got it in years ago.)

6. Lake Sally Ann to Campsite after Red Pass on PCT Section K

7. Summerland Traverse on Wonderland

8. Moose Lake to Deer Park

9. West Fork Oak Creek Sedona

10. Copper Ridge and also The Shipwreck Coast, because I couldn’t decide.

I really wanted to add The Trail of 10 Falls (another one I did this year) but as jaw dropping as it was, it felt too much like a walk through a park than a real hike, so I just couldn’t. (Plus it’s not a backpack.) So I’ll give it an honorable mention instead.

So there it is – HALF of the hikes I’ve done in 2021 have made my top ten. What a year!! And I still have two trips planned before it’s over…we’ll see if they make the cut. Happy rank worthy trails!

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