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I hiked Lake 22 years ago. I meant to do a write up – like I do for every hike – but for whatever reason, Lake 22 got swept under the rug. Because it is such a classic hike that is relatively close to me, I must have figured I’d have another go at it. It took me almost 6 years, but I finally did. 

Thinking about it now, I’m pretty sure I was waiting to see it again in a different season. Maybe even show some comparison pics of winter and summer…I bet I was hoping to pose Lexi in a flower patch or something. Sadly that never happened, nor will it ever happen. 

My beautiful girl back in the day

Even so, Lake 22 didn’t disappoint. It’s popular for a reason – not a bad pay off for a fairly easy 2.7 miles to the lake. So popular, in fact, that now there are “no parking” signs all along the highway where the overflow cars will often spill. We were surprised to find the lot still had several spaces available when we arrived around 10 am, and delighted to have the trail almost to ourselves for the majority of the upward trail. 

Hard core Santa! Ha ha, this is actually no big deal at 1.7 miles in
Nice view of Whitehorse Mountain on the way up

We suspected it wouldn’t last, and of course, we were right. So many people coming up as we were going down that it felt we spent more time stepping to the side than actually hiking. The majority of the adventurers seemed, in our humble opinions, not very well prepared for a slushy/slippery/icy trail. Though even those in tennis shoes (and in one case shorts) seemed to make do. 

Getting snowier!
And snowier!!

We were glad to have Yaktrax (a great option when you want traction but don’t want to mess with micro spikes) though I made the mistake of taking mine off once we were out of the heavy snow. If it wasn’t for my poles, I would have surely gone down on that slick as snot final bridge.

Watch your step!!

Even if I can’t take my Lexi with me (except in spirit) I might still try for those summertime shots someday. It may have to wait until I retire though, because I don’t think I have the patience to visit again on a holiday (this was Christmas Eve) or on the just as busy weekends.  In the meantime, there are far too many other hikes I intend to write about first. Happy Trails and Happy New Year!

P.S. To honor my Lexi girl, I am including links to “her” hikes here:

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