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Not to be confused with Goat Peak which is by Chinook Pass, or Goat Lake on the Mountain Loop Hwy – the Goat Peak Lookout in Mazama (next to Goat Wall and Goat Creek) is an amazing landmark that up until yesterday had been lost to me within the goat named matrix of Washington destinations. 

It’s always such a privilege to be invited along on a hike that you didn’t have to plan, and so it was an easy “yes” to join the group of three other hiking enthusiasts (crazies) to venture over into Eastern Washington in search of sun…even if it meant setting my alarm on a Saturday for 5:30 am. 

I did do a little reading before we left on this hike that I’d never heard of. One thing was clear – we should NOT expect to see a goat. Legend has it that they were all “slaughtered” in the 1920’s, which of course became a hot topic of discussion (mostly dark humor, which I was thankful all of us shared an appreciation for) as we labored up the 2.5 miles to the 7,001 foot summit.

The view at the top was worth all the effort, though not getting to go up into the lookout itself was a bit disappointing. (Maybe when it’s actually manned?…Which sounds like still happens occasionally during fire season.) 

As much as the sweeping views of mountain peaks in all directions took up much camera time, the most photographed feature of the day turned out to be the outhouse on top. We contemplated posing for a shot inside – but considering the whole structure felt a sneeze away from going over the edge, we thought better of it. Dying on a plummeting toilet seat would be great fodder for some dark humor…but a bit too high a price to pay for a laugh, I’m afraid. (And speaking of outhouses, the one at the trailhead is quite exceptional, IMO. I’d highly recommend using it, and avoiding this thing ;))

There’s only one ending to a day spent in Mazama (named after a type of goat, of course) and that is at the “town’s” famous store. We couldn’t help loading up with purchases of various items stamped with their classic goat trademark that celebrates the animal we never did see. Oh, and if the Taco Bahia truck is parked in the courtyard, don’t miss out on the amazing fish taco’s! Happy trails!!

Pretty darn cute


The slug is my spirit animal 😉

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  1. What a great summary of our day! A great trail with much to offer when it comes to variety! Views, flowers, lookout tower, outhouse, monument…. the list goes on!!!! Ps. The slug??!! Really😅😅🤣🤣

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