The Shipwreck Coast

Washington has a wild coast, in case you didn’t know. Not a Miami Beach bar scene kind of wild – but a “this ocean wants to kill me” kind of wild. A desolate wild…an untamable wild…a heart-achingly beautiful wild…and the kind of wild you have to work for if you really want the full experience.  …

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Lake 22 Redo

I hiked Lake 22 years ago. I meant to do a write up – like I do for every hike – but for whatever reason, Lake 22 got swept under the rug. Because it is such a classic hike that is relatively close to me, I must have figured I’d have another go at it. …

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Hiking with Heidi

As thick wildfire smoke permeates the air outside here in Washington, I have decided sitting in my favorite comfy chair and catching up on the hikes I never wrote about is the best way to spend this gloomy, hazy Saturday. When I realized all these hikes included Heidi, I knew I had my title. I …

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