Month: July 2021

Royal Basin F Bombs

Permit #4 is in the books. Since I’ve got my special “local pass,” I’ve done Bogachiel, Oil City to Third Beach, Enchanted Valley, and now Royal Basin – all in the Olympic National Park. Plus I have four more classic trips booked before the end of the season. (All for $45! Getting my money’s worth!) …

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Sedona Bliss

Bliss is a word that came up when I searched for an antonym for suffering. Suffering is what a write about most often when I tell my hiking stories, because suffering is what adds interest.  But there is “suffering” (too many mosquito bites and such) and there is SUFFERING (losing a child, cancer, etc.) and …

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I have discovered the BEST backpacking treat ever, and I wish I could patent and market it somehow, because who doesn’t want to eat a SMELLYEO, ha ha! Okay, maybe the name is not so appetizing – but it’s funny, which is even better. When you add Smore+Kelly+Oreo, you get a Smellyeo, and trust me, …

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